Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

Can you do Corporate Gifts? Now that's a question we weren't expecting. But I guess it's a natural evolution - another string to our bow - so to speak. Looking back it was a journey we were on...,

  • Our in store customers already pack containers with the goods they want. 
  • We then started to offer "recipes in a bag". Pre-measured bags that contain the ingredients you need for a wholesome meal. Gathered together, complete with recipe, ready to be made.
  • Then we started to fulfill bespoke gift boxes in store for our customers. That evolved into local business owners asking us to put together "Christmas Gift Boxes" for their employees. Again these were bespoke gifts, with the contents and the budget discussed and agreed between us and our lovely customers.

So although we hadn't formalised this part of our service, we were infact already creating corporate gifts.

Now here we are in February 2024, launching this new webpage to formalise and promote our new Corporate Gifting service. 

One proviso: We don't have any set prices because this is a bespoke service. We work with you to put together the eco-friendly gift that you can give to staff, clients or potential new customers.

Example Projects

  • 8000 bags of "Whole Pitted Dates". Each bag was a gift bag that would eventually be labelled and ribboned and given away by our client to Muslims who would enjoy the dates when they break their fast as part of Ramadan. 

    We worked with our client to agree the look and contents of these little gift bags. Undertook the complianace labelling and assisted in the VAT requirements, negotiated a price, then shipped all 8000 bags to their business address.

  • Wedding Favours. 100 jars with a selection of vegan sweets.

We don't know what we can do until we are asked, so contact us for an informal chat and let's see what we can do for you.