Photography, Artwork And Local Trades.


I love photography and understand the work and skill that goes into capturing that perfect image. I have seen my own photographs used on websites without any copyright references or acknowledgements to myself. As much as I appreciate knowing my work is out there, it always feels like someone has stolen a piece of me when they choose to use one of my photographs and by a simple (or possibly an intentional) act of omission act to pass the image of as one of their own.

The following list of photographers have, or may have had, images scattered throughout this website. To further examine their work please click on the links provided.


Visitors to our shop will have noticed bits of artwork throughout the shop. Our thanks to..,

  • Georgia Hyde for the amazing Sunflower.

Local Trades:

The following people have been involved in the creation of our little shop:

  • Joinery: Aidy Kirk from APK Joinery - 07882 362964
  • Electrics: Mike Gowan - Electrical Contractor - 07727 286442
  • Motivation: Kirsty Hawksby from next door :o)