Le Parfait

Le Parfait

The clip top Le Parfait Super Preserve Jar is suitable for Preserving, Bottling and Pressure Canning. 

- Stainless steel wire clamp.

- Airtight natural rubber seal.

These Jars are still made in France today and are reliable now as they where over 80 Years ago.  We sell these in our Zero Waste Shop in Pocklington. So we thought we'd see if they would sell on Etsy. We're not french and we're not glass makers but we do recognise a great jar when we see one.

Le Parfait jars are so popular today because they respond so well to the latest trends: 

- Healthy, natural food 

- Respecting the seasons and enjoying products at the best time of the year, at the best price 

- Reducing waste 

- Saving money 

- The fun and enjoyment of homemade cooking -

- Doing things the old fashioned way

All our Jars are Food grade.