MARJORAM ESSENTIAL OIL (SWEET) (Origanum marjorana) the leaves and flowers are wild harvested and then dried and steam distilled. The essential oil has a mild sweet, minty and woody aroma and is very supportive for the nervous system; calming and relaxing. Marjoram is especially useful during times of sadness and grief due to its warming and comforting properties.

Marjoram is also warming and strengthening. It soothes everyday aches and pains and is useful for supporting respiratory & digestive systems

Blending: rosemary, chamomile, cedarwood, thyme, sage, rosemary, cypress and tea tree.

Natural constituents: borneol, terpineol, camphor (ketone), caryophyllene, pinene, sabiene, terpinene.

Patch test before use. Check with your doctor or practitioner if you have medical condition or are pregnant. Do not take internally unless prescribed. Check before use to see if suitable for children.

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Majoram, Sweet Essential Oil

Marjoram, sweet - 10ml