nope. is the UK’s shampoo & conditioner bar specialist, offering plastic free haircare with no compromises on ethics, ingredients and most importantly end results.

Our mission is to make shampoo and conditioner bars the new normal, saving millions of plastic bottles and gallons of water being unnecessarily wasted in production.

Why nope.?

Historically shampoo and conditioner bars have a mixed reputation, the preserve of the hard core eco warrior. This is because they can vary in results due to either being a soap-based product or hair care not being the focus of the brand leading to minimal product development or manufacturing capabilities.

As a shampoo & conditioner bar specialist, we are here to change this! After two years of research and 100’s of hair washes, we developed a range drawing on functional qualities of botanical ingredients to bring you shampoo & conditioner that you can look good and feel-good using.

nope. shampoo bars

Our shampoo bars last for up to 3 times longer than a 250ml bottle (60-80 washes) and are made with sodium coco sulphate, a naturally derived foaming cleanser from coconut oil, which does not irritate the scalp like SLS.

We have also added vitamin B and cocoa butter to give hair added shine, protection, and nourishment.

nope. conditioner bars

Like our shampoo bars, our concentrated conditioner bars up to 3 times longer than a 250ml bottle (60-80 washes). Our conditioner bars provide nourishing conditioning, repairing the hair, and locking in moisture.

They are packed with high quality natural oils (Jojoba, Abyssinian, Olive, Coconut) and plant extracts. It only takes a thin coat on your hair to achieve great results especially when they’re used with our shampoo bars that don’t strip your hair like conventional shampoo.

nope. product values

All our shampoo & conditioner bars are vegan, plastic free, not tested on animals, palm oil free, colour safe and hard water safe.