Price Check ✔

Price Check ✔

To help our customers save money we price check our prices against our local Sainsbury's supermarket.

We want you to "Shop A Little Greener". We also want you to save money and believe green shopping should be affordable to everyone. So when we manage to source a product / food ingredient that we can sell at a competitive price we love to shout about it.

The reality is supermarkets have the ability to sell products at very low prices due to their buying power. However we sometimes find it difficult to work out their price per units. Buy 3 for 2, only £1.00 per 100g or 54p per Kg etc etc. When a price of a product is really low it make you think that someone, somewhere, is loosing money.

We don't sell the exact same products as supermarkets, because we don't sell many pre-packaged goods, but we can draw comparisons on similar products where ingredients are comparable. So if you don't want to buy another jar or plastic bottle of X, Y and Z then visit us and refill the container you have.

We provide a link to products for our comparisons and try to demonstrate our relative unit prices by way of example. We also mention the date when we made the comparison, so please let us know if you find any errors. 

When visiting our shop look for the "Green Tick" on our products.

We can't compete on the majority of products, but we believe there are more important things to consider than price alone.

Ours products are free from environmentally damaging single use packaging. Any packaging we use can either be recycled, or for any plastic type materials we use a plant based biodegradable material that can be composted within 12 months.

We ensure all the products we sell are vegan and many are sourced from local suppliers who we believe are genuinely working to help our customers Shop A Little Greener.


Asafoetida 50g

Asafoetida (60% by weight)A blend of 60% Asafoetida and 40% ground Fenugreek. We recommend you always check the proportion of Asafoetida from any supp...
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Chickpeas 200g

Chickpeas are a popular legume and a fantastic protein source for vegans and vegetarians. They are a nutrient rich food that is high in fibre, protein...
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