Rugged Nature

Why did we choose “Rugged Nature”? 

Their story grabbed our attention. The brothers, who were using a range of high-end male grooming products, realised they were making their mother’s asthma worse. Being scientifically inclined they started to research kinder, more natural products.

Using their University project they spent months researching and testing various products. They now use a handful of UK sourced environmentally sustainable and natural ingredients to create their products.

Having both used high-end products, they wanted to make sure their products were as good, if not in fact better, than more established brands. 

I think you will agree their hand-made, plastic free products are a great addition to keeping your hair, skin and planet looking great.

Peach Wood Comb

Wooden Comb

Rugged Nature Comb - SmallPeach wood fine toothed comb 9cm with Rugged Nature Logo (not yet pictured) A natural and sustainable alternative to plastic...
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