Which to choose? Chopping boards, Cutting boards, Serving boards, bread boards...

Which to choose? Chopping boards, Cutting boards, Serving boards, bread boards...

Are you confused about the type of board you need? Chopping, carving, bread, charcuterie... the list goes on.

I thought a chopping board was a chopping board. A flat piece of wood that you put on a kitchen unit to safeguard the work surface. Once in place, you pop your food on it and start chopping. Simple.

Well it was simple until we started to sell chopping boards in our shop. I then realised that different manufacturers call them different names. The "chopping" boards looked the same (ish), so why the confusion? Specifically why my confusion? Now I'm either a little slow or surely if I was confused then there may be a few others who could benefit from a little brain upgrade on this subject. Bored yet? Board yet? Get it... sorry...

So hello Professor google what do you know? Well quickly I learned that I should ask Mr Google.co.uk and not Mr Google.com. You see not only do different "chopping" boards have different names depending upon their use, but the same boards with the same use have different names in different countries. (I knew I should never have started this journey).

In our house all boards are called bread boards. The glass bread board, the big wooden one, the plastic one and the one with curry stains. But I was never going to create website category headings using those aforementioned titles. So..

Carving Board:

The big ones. The ones with the groove

Chopping Board: 

No groove. Medium and small in size. Used for cutting and preparing food stuff.

Bread Board:

Same as chopping board but ususally dedicated for bread use and kept near bread bin.

Charcuterie Board:

No groove. Used for serving meats and cheeses. Given the food has already been prepared there is no need for a groove to catch juices.

Serving Board:

See Charcuterie board - No groove and used for serving food. Can be smaller as are often used to serve one persson where as a charcuterie board is for serving several people at an event or dinner.

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