Natural Moisturisers And Your Natural Skin

We all want what's best for our skin but thre is a balance to be had between natures solutions to a healthy skin, cost and ethics. It's a fine balance but we're here to help.

We don't have the biggest selection of moisturisers but that's our concious decision. We curate moisturusing products for you. We only sell those we want to stock and that WE are happy to recommend and use ourselves.

There are several criteria that any moisturisers have to meet before we sell them. 

  • All our moisturisers are Vegan*.
  • Our moisturising selection only includes Cruelty Free* products.
  • Our moisturisers exclude parabens, phthalates and triclosans.
  • We try to ensure all products are sourced from the UK.
  • We strive to remove single use materials from all packaging.
  • We offer refills of hand and facial moisturisers in store. Saving you money and helping the environment.

Zero Waste shops are often understood be be focused on reducing the environmental impacts of consumerism but animal welfare is equaly as important to us. Every product we sell is Vegan.

*Where ever possible we look for prequalified manufacturers i.e. Those whose products carry the Vegan Societies Trademark or companies that hold Leaping Bunny Approval. However we hear from smaller manufacturers of skin moisturisers that it costs too much money to be "approved" by these socoieties. We wholeheartedly support these societies and the work they do but for small startups these costs can be prohibitive. At the time of writing the minimum fee for Vegan Societie's Trademark is £300 + VAT per product per year for a company with turnover less than £50k. Leaping Bunny Approval starts at £149 + VAT per year.

For that reason we contact every supplier directly to better understand their situation and make our own moral decision on whether we wish to stock them. Conversely there are some companies who wear these green credentials who we would not stock.

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