Grind Your Own Nut Butters

Grind Your Own Nut Butters

Grind your own nut butter. We have two amazing nut butter grinders in our shop so you can try out different flavours.

We all love peanut butter in our family so we wanted the best and wanted to offer it to our customers. 

Our nut butter has zero palm oil, zero E-numbers, zero sugar, zero salt or other unnecessary additives or oils. I love zero.... so nothing but 100% peanuts. Or cashew nuts. Or almond nuts, or.... time to read the catalogue for nut options.

With the press of a button you make delicious fresh nut butter on the spot. Over the coming months we will offer hazelnut paste, chocolate hazelnut paste, or any other nut paste... perhaps cashews or almonds.

We are only limited by what our customers say. So make a note to visit our shop and grind your own peanut butter and visit our facebook page and tell us what you think.